Forgiveness, Healing, letting go & love

by Rhea ()

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please forgive and please be merciless on me for I am a sinner. I know I’ve said and done a lot of bad things in my life and I went against you and your will. From the bottom of my heart I am truly sorry and ask not only for Your forgiveness but also the forgiveness to anyone I hurt or treated badly in the past. I know I am not perfect. I know I don’t pray or go to church as often as I should and I don’t have much faith trust and belief.

Please help me heal and let go of any past hurt, lies, betrayal and abuse so I can finally move on with my life and be happy. Please cut any ties with anyone or anything to do with my past. I am finally ready to let go and move on with my life.

Please release me from any jealousy, hurt, worry, fear, anxiety, betrayal, lies, deceit, unfaithfulness, loneliness, bad luck, misfortune, blocks and barriers, lack of success in all areas in my life, anger, frustration, cutting tongue words and actions, temper, lack of friends, invitations, lack of faith, trust and belief, judgement, regrets, resentment, rejection, bullying, unhappiness, lack of patience, wisdom, intelligence, maturity, financial debt. Lord Jesus fill my life with love, luck, laughter, family, good friends, a loving partner, patience, wisdom, understanding, maturity, intelligence, faithfulness, good luck, good fortune, doors opening, success in all areas of my life, faith, trust, belief, health, wealth.

Lord Jesus you know I have had a lot of bad luck in my love life. I have had more than my share of meeting the wrong guys who treated me bad, lied, cheated, used me and abused me mentally, physically, emotionally. Guys who told me they loved me when they really didn’t. Regardless of all the past hurt, pain, lies, deceit and unfaithfulness I haven’t given up on finding love. To be honest I really don’t want to. I don’t want to end up old and alone. Lord Jesus please send me a decent guy my soul mate the love of my life. A guy that will say and do anything to have and keep me in his life, can’t live without me. That once in a lifetimetime true love I can’t breath can’t live without without you kind of love the kind you see in the movies. A guy that’s mature, intelligent, understanding, patient, faithful, hard working, family orientated, honest, shares the same interests and goals as me, wants to spend time with me, a guy that knows what he wants and is ready for a commitment, is going to show and treat me with respect, isn’t lazy, has a great sense of humour, kind, loving, supportive, handsome, kind eyes, loving smile. A guy that is going to be proud to be with me and have me in his life and introduce me to his family and friends etc and not hide me away like I am a dirty little secret. I know that I am not perfect and no one is perfect but please Lord Jesus send me someone with those qualities. No more guys that are losers, that say I don’t know what I want, let’s see how it goes, liars, cheaters, heavy drinkers, smokers, take recreational drugs, gamblers , abusers, put their mates first and me last.

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