Forgiveness for getting into a huge debt

by Virginia (Chennai, India)

Dear Lord,

I ask for forgiveness for the sins I have committed and and for getting into a huge debt of $80,000. I do not know what to do. There is a vast army of debtors chasing me. In front of me is the RED SEA.Ido not know what to do.

But my eyes are towards you from where my help comes from.

Lord lie how you sent Moses to rescue the israilaites …you please send moses to hepl me. Lord like how you answered Hannah’s prayers i SAMUEL answer my prayer.

Lord ike how you multiplied two fish and 5 loaves of bread,please bless this Rs 500 that i have and hepl me to repay all the debtors.

Lord you carried one cross and it was very difficult. Simon helped you to carry the weight of the cross. Lord send simon to help me carry 5 heavy crosses thta i carry everyday. lord i cant bear … i cant any more it is too heavy… help me from this debt lord!!

Like in 2. Chronicles 2:20 when king jehoshapat was parying you heard his paryers and saved him. lord you save me too Jesus.

Lord please i need a finanacial miracle tomorrow I need to repay atleast 12,000$. lord help me. I also pray for the brothers and sisters who are in my position to be blessed by jesus the savior in jesus name.

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