forgiveness because I have sinned

by Shauntiana (Kalamazoo)

Heavenly father, I’ve made the wrong decision and I need your guidance O LORD, I need strength to lift me up onto my feet O LORD, help show the way to the right path O LORD, I have sinned and I’m asking for forgiveness, i’ve made alot of bad choices in life and im asking if you can take time out ur day and forgive me O LORD, I have been wrong. O LORD, im asking if you can guide my daughter through it all. O LORD, I ask if you can heal me through all the pain I been trough, to just lift me up and show me the way. I pray for the family that lost their 3 kids in that fire, I pray that you heal them and answer to there call. I pray that if anybody is in need to take the time to listen to them


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