forgiveness and repentence

by Sandra Marie Tilghman-Young ()

To whom it may concern: Standing in the need of prayers for a huge amount of people including myself. We need prayers in all areas of our lives(spiritually, emotionally,mentally, physically, and generally). Prayers are needed for sins that we struggle with on a daily basis as well as besetting sins and also possibly spiritual strongholds coming from the enemy. Prayers are needed for STRENGTH from GOD to acknowledge, repent, lay our burdens down with THE LORD, endurance in trials and in our circumstances, afflictions, and testings during these perilous times that we are now living in and ONLY IN GOD’S STRENGTH and not our own. Prayers are always needed for enduring everything that life throws our way, things within our control and beyond our control. I am always in need of prayers where I am the most vulnerable: such as dealing with past hurts, bitterness, resentment, anger at times(which is controlled by THE HOLY SPIRIT) as well as unforgiveness at times coming from wounds that I/our possibly never recovered from or possibly from other sources within our control and beyond our control. We need prayers for every area of our lives so that we can stay the course and finish the calling or purpose that GOD has for us to do for HIM. PRAYERS are needed for TRUSTING GOD MORE, WALKING IN OBEDIENCE and STAYING IN HIS WILL(HIS STRENGTH IN US TO DO HIS WILL). Prayers are always needed for everyone in regards to SALVATION. Prayers from A to Z, at all times for everyone in this world. Prayers are definitely needed for all of our youth here in America and all over the world(they are AWESOME). I am a single mother of youth adults too. Prayers are always needed for our leaders, our nation, our missions(here in America and around the world) as well as the church.(especially, the persecuted churches around the world). You all are always in our prayers.
Thank you very much
Sandra Marie Tilghman-Young

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