forgiveness and repentence

by Sandra Tilghman-Young ()

To whom it may concern: I am seeking prayers of forgiveness and repentence towards those acted as our enemies in the flesh, but we know who the real enemy is (the devil). We need prayers to forgive those whom (the enemy has worked through) in an attempt to destroy our witness and the wreck havoc on our lives. We are praying for strength to forgive those whom the enemy has used to harm us anyway shape or form(it can be done with GOD’S STRENGTH-ONLY, and not our own). We are repenting of all of our sins, mistakes and failures before GOD ALMIGHTY, so HE can forgive and cleanse us from our sins and unrighteousness. We are also praying for GOD’S STRENGTH, PROTECTION, GUIDANCE, ENDURANCE, PATIENCE, WISDOM, LONGSUFFERING, and THE FRUITS OF SPIRIT working in and through our lives(broken and messed up). We are praying our all of our youth here in America nd around the globe (in all areas of their lives). We are Praying to be Watchful for OUR LORD’S SECOND COMING(because HE is coming back). We are praying for Faithfulness towards HIM within HIS STRENGTH for us, working in us and through us. WE are praying for SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGHS for everyone in this world. We are praying for GOD’S INTERVENTION(according to HIS WILL, PLAN AND PURPOSE) for us all. We are praying for every PROVISIONS from THE LORD(according to HIS WILL) for everyone in this world. We are praying for all kinds of HEALINGS(according to HIS WILL, PLAN and PURPOSE) for everyone in this world. We are praying for THE LOST, THE BACKSLIDEN, THOSE WHOM have fallen away or whom have gone astray, as well as those who are at or near the point of NO RETURN(that GOD MAY INTERVENE IN EVERYWAY). WE are praying for everyone in this world(SALVATION). I desperately need prayers for everything(all my loved ones, friends, and extended family members &friends, our church families(here in America nd around the globe). We are praying for THE PERSECUTED CHURCHES(here in America and around the globe), especially around the globe(they are are brethen too). WE are praying for who are in GOD-GIVEN AUTHORITY that GOD LEADS THEM. WE praying for those whom have lost their lives before and during this current pandemic or through illness or violence. WE have to be SALT & LIGHt as well IRON SHARPENS IRON(believers) in a fallen, broken, evil world that satan is doing major destruction. GOD IS STILL IN TOTAL CONTROL AND HE IS RUNNING IT, not the enemy, because PRAYER is STRONG. You all are in our PRAYERS TOO.
Sandra Tilghman-Young(PRAYER WARRIOR)

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