forgiveness and repentance &strength &guidance &direction

by Sandra ()

Good morning, I am standing in the serious need of prayers for all of my loved ones, all of my friends & extended family members & friends, as well as many or countless others (everyone in this world) including myself. We need prayers for healing from past hurts, struggles, lies from ourselves, others and definitely coming from the enemy of our souls. We are all broken in many ways from A to Z. We need healing from GOD as well as letting go of those wounds or hurts,struggles or brokenness and lies from within or from the enemy of our souls, please pray for us. We need prayers to forgive all those who have wronged us in many ways from A to Z because they are most likely broken people themselves and give up all our burdens that way us down like an unforgiving spirit coming from past hurts or spiritual warfare & give all that mess to JESUS. We need prayers of repentance of those that who we also wounded or hurt whether we were aware of it or not & ask GOD to forgive & if possible ask for forgiveness towards those that we have injured or wounded in many way directly or indirectly. We need prayers for GOD’S GRACE & HIS FORGIVENESS from all of our sins from A to Z (past, present and future tense). We need GOD’S STRENGTH 24/7 especially in the times that we are now living in which is very chaotic and demonic in nature. We need prayers for GOD’S INTERVENTION according to HIS WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE in our lives. We need prayers for direction & guidance in our lives as well and also prayers to discern things or HIS VOICE or PROMPTINGS or GOD WORKING THROUGH THOSE THAT HE USES to HELP US DISCERN HIS PURPOSE in our lives or STAY FAITHFUL to HIM no matter what the outcome. We need prayers for becoming better stewards of the resources that HE has BLESSED US. We need prayers to use our spiritual gifts & natural talents or abilities that HE has equipped us with according to HIS PURPOSE or HIS WILL for us and as STAYING THE COURSE or BEING STEADFAST in HIS STRENGTH and definitely not our own. We need ACCOUNTABILITY people in our lives too, according to HIS WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE (both spiritually & practically) and vice versa. We know that GOD has a plan & a purpose in our lives just as HIS WORD says in Jeremiah 29:11-14. We need prayers to forgive ourselves especially after we repented & sincerely asked GOD to forgive us. We need prayers to accept how GOD has designed & equipped us by HIS spiritual gifts & natural talents that HE placed in us while in the womb or before that we were ever came into being. We definitely need prayers for all of our youth globally that they will come into knowledge of HIM as well as those youth who know HIM that they STAY STEADFAST and close to GOD. We need prayers for all who are hurting from A to Z in many ways worldwide. We need prayers for everyone in this world especially here in our own country from A to Z. We definitely need prayers for the Salvation of those who are LOST, STRUGGLE WITH their faith or WEAK in their FAITH or thinking about-tempted by the enemy or others to walk away from GOD that GOD will STRENGTHENED THEM through others who are STRONG IN THEIR FAITH or through trials or answered prayers according to HIS WILL. We need prayers for every current events going on this world right now & forever as well as GOD leading to pray for & assist according to HIS WILL. HE IS THE ONLY ONE & OUR ONLY HOPE & OUR MOST ULTIMATE HELP right now & forever until JESUS comes back. We need prayers for all the persecuted churches around the globe as well as those who are persecuted for their faith globally & even in our own country as well. We prayers for our clergy here in America & around the globe. We need prayers for all the churches here in our own country & globally that we TO STAY THE COURSE & STEADFAST IN HIS FAITHFULNESS & HIS STRENGTH because HE IS OUR ONLY SOURCE in everything as well as HIM AS OUR ONLY SOURCE OF STRENGTH, we can’t & won’t make it without HIM, it is totally impossible. I can testify that I am STRONG IN HIM but I am WEAK WITHOUT HIM and open season for the enemy of our souls. GOD made all of us for HIM & to serve HIS PURPOSE for HIM or CALLING from HIM TO US. We need prayers for everyone suffering from A to Z in many ways within or beyond their control. We need GOD. We need to pray for all of leaders here in America and around the globe that they will seek GOD, surrender to HIM & COME to the SAVING GRACE OF KNOWING HIM AS LORD OF ALL. You all are in our prayers too, as iron sharpens iron just like HIS WORD says which is ALL TRUTH, straight up. WE ALL NEED A SAVIOR & THAT IS JESUS, GOD’S SON. John 3:16-36. Please pray for me too from A to Z as well. I can always like everyone else listed above need a lot prayers too. I am one hot mess but a work in progress by HIS HANDS.
Thank you very much
PRAYER WARRIOR IN CHRIST JESUS (OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR). Hebrews 13:6-8. Psalm 121, 100, 91, 32:8, 27. Hebrew 13:5-6. Isaiah 54:17.

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