forgiveness and repentance

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of prayers for a lot of people including myself(all of my loved ones, all of my friends & extended family members & friends, church families(both old &new), our clergies, our churches here in America & the globe especially the persecuted churches around the globe & struggles that we might or may have to endure coming from the enemy of our souls working through those who walk in darkness(I believe)that is the problem. Prayers are needed for the Salvation of many listed above as well as repenting of and confessing our sin/sins before GOD and getting right with HIM in the process in HIS GUIDANCE & DIRECTION, PROTECTION & HIS STRENGTH as well as HIS WISDOM(DIVINE).
We have to let GOD intervene on our behalf because we have an enemy who is relentless in destroying us or our faith in GOD if we give the enemy an edge into our lives or a stronghold. We also got the world(world’s system, our flesh and the devil or the enemy and his demons) working against us especially we who belong to GOD or Christians or Christ Followers and unashamed of HIM(The trinity & THE GOSPEL-THE WORD) because HE(JESUS) is the WORD and THE HOLY BIBLE is THE TRUTH and THE ONLY TRUTH & TRULY HOPE. We need to pray for one another against the enemy, the demons, and evil forces that we may or have to encounter through spiritual warfare or satanic attacks coming form the evil one or his demonic forces that ONLY GOD, JESUS & THE HOLY SPIRIT can conquer because we are no match on our own against pure evil, ONLY GOD can conquer and HE(GOD) conquered evil through our SAVIOR’S DEATH ON THE CROSS AT CALVARY over 1900 years ago. We gotta stay close to GOD/JESUS & THE HOLY SPIRIT who lives in us if we are HIS & BELIEVE IN HIM no matter what. We gotta stay prayed up 24/7 non-stop, consistently & ongoing and never-ending. We need prayer intercession from A to Z because we are in a spiritual battle and life is hard at times but GOD is STRONG AT ALL TIMES, and HE is OUR PROVIDER & OUR PROTECTOR. Prayers are needed to mend broken relationships,forgiveness from GOD, forgiveness towards others, broken people, finances, the basics, employment, restoration, changes in ones mindset with GOD’S HELP and many other factors. Prayers are always needed for those broken by life itself or from mistakes or choices, decisions(bad or misinformed) of our own doing and that includes me. Prayers are always needed for the LOST, THE HURTING, THOSE ADDICTIVE to drugs, alcohol or to sex or any other addictions that ONLY GOD can BREAK & BREAK TOTALLY & COMPLETELY. We gotta be there for each other through prayer(ongoing), bible study & sometimes fasting through THE SPIRIT’S(GOD’S)or THE HOLY SPIRIT’S LEADING. People are broken everywhere in this world which is not our home but HEAVEN is our HOME for those who BELIEVE IN THE TRINITY. We need prayers for STRENGTH IN GOD especially whenever we stumble or fall in some way or another. I have a tendency to struggle in my faith in GOD at times especially under attack from the enemy but GOD has my back & has someone interceding for me(just like everyone else in this world) to make a come back or return to HIM or come back to my senses like the prodigal son in the bible. We need prayers for THE HOMELESS, THE NEEDY, THE POOR, THE AGED, OUR YOUTH, MARRIAGES, RELATIONSHIPS & OTHER INDIVIDUALS here in America & around the globe. Prayers are always needed for everyone in this world from A to Z. You are in our prayers too. We all NEED GOD & SO DOES EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD. We need EVERYTHING from GOD to ENDURE because HE IS ONLY SOURCE, HOPE,SALVATION, STRENGTH, THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT, OUR STRONG TOWER, OUR PROTECTOR, OUR DEFENDER, OUR ADVOCATE, OUR PROVIDER, OUR SOUL PROTECTOR, and ALL THAT because HE IS ALMIGHTY & HE IS ALL POWERFUL & ALL KNOWING. HE IS GOOD ALL THE TIME EVEN when things are bad. We gotta to give HIM PRAISE. We can’t & will not make it without GOD in our lives because it is impossible, I can testify, coming from once a prodigal daughter(myself-a very long time ago). My mama(who is deceased) did a lot of praying for all of her children,especially me, all her grandchildren, and many other people and GOD heard her sweet prayers, my mama was one of a kind, the best mama ever, I miss her & I love her and she is in HEAVEN with GOD. We gotta STAY CLOSE TO GOD, IN HIS WORD, ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER & STAY PRAYED UP 24/7 non-stop, consistent & ongoing, and never ending until JESUS COMES BACK & HE IS COMING BACK, JUST LOOK AT THIS WORLD. We ALL NEED HIM.
Thank you very much

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