Forgiveness and Hope prayer

by Neicy ()

I’m asking for prayer today because lately I’ve been feeling alone, I can’t seem to forgive my mother for things she has done to me and said to me. Every time I’m around her I get angry instantly and when we have a conversation every time I express the way I feel she tells me to watch what I say and how I’m talking to her. My whole life if it’s not mother’s way or not her accordings I cannot get help or she make me out to be this bad person to my family. I have ran to my family rescue many of times but they seem to forget that. I am a big testimonial I’ve been through the wire and have been place in situations I thought I would never move forward on. In the Bible it’s states Your says will be number if you disobey your parents, and it also say the parents are not supposed to provoke there kids. I just want too let go of my anger towards my mother and try to rebuild a relationship with her but it’s extremely hard when she has put men before me my entire life,tells me what others family members say about me when we never speak & the perception she inform others about me, talk about me & makes me feel like I will never succeed in life is very painful to deal with that’s why I don’t feel loved and lonely. I wanted to hug my mother yesterday day but I just knew it would feel so fake and it would just be temporarily and that’s the saddest thing ever. Everything I’ve done in life I taught my self and I just want to move forward in life without holding on too a hurtful past and look ahead and enjoy life with my son. Im no saint and have sinned many times but I also know right from wrong being raised up in church. Please pray for me for better strength, peace of mind, how to love and let go, move forward in life. Thx and god bless

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