Forgiveness and Healing

by Denise (America)

Lord Jesus Christ, I really need you right now. My partner is very upset and is going through depression. I would like to talk to him and let him know how sorry I am for any pain I ever caused. I want to help him through the challenges that he is facing and I will give him space and the support he needs. Please Lord that you may touch his heart today, and let him know how much I love him. That he feels love from me and reaches out, that he forgives me and lets me in. I really love him with all my heart. I want to help heal the wounds of his soul, please help heal the wounds of his soul. Please that when I see him he is responsive and loving and accepting. That he accepts me coming to his house soon so that we can talk. Bring healing and lots of love to our relationship and to his mind, soul, spirit and heart as well as mine.

You have helped me before Lord and I stand here before you with great hope and faith that you see me and him. You crossed our paths Lord please allow us to continue to grow with one another. Please Help Lord, I really need you and he does too. In Jesus name, Amen. I believe in you Lord. Thank you for your help