Forgiveness and employment

by John (New Jersey)

Dear Lord I have sinned against you and my family, My actions have caused me to be fired from my job for lying about an affair I had with my subordinate co-worker. During the last couple years I turned my back on both you and my beautiful loving family. I am truly sorry for my sins. I deserve just penance. My beautiful wife has given my another chance. Please help her make peace in her heart. She is an angry and bitter person at times and that anger and bitterness is the direct results of my actions. Please return her to the loving and caring person she once was before she had to start dealing with the truth and consequences of my actions. Finally Lord, help me find a job to relieve the financial stress that is being placed on my family. My suffering is just and well deserved, but please allow me the ability ot obtain work and provide for my family as I did prior to my sins. I ask this through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen