Forgiveness and a second chance

Please Lord, help me and Anthony back on the right path to each other arms. I am sorry for all my wrong doings and I truely understand all of my wrong actions. I feel awful that I hurt so much the man I loved. Please lord, remind Anthony of all the reasons he wanted to marry me. Let him understand that I was immature, selfish, and am sorry for my actions. Please let him find it in his heart to forgive me. Please let him be brave enough to follow his heart and hopefully give me another chance. Please block all negative thoughts and opinions from the people around him, so he may think of the positive and possibilities. Please allow his family to understand that everyone makes mistakes and not be so judgmental. Please let everyone know that my mistakes were from insecurities and desires to be accepted into their family. I never had a strong sense of family and seeing his was both something I desired but didn’t know how to properly attain. im sorry for every hurting him, because he is the man I want to marry. Please, let him have the same feelings back in his heart. Please help him to give me a second chance. Thank you so much oh lord.