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After a 12 year marriage and being together 30 years total, I filed for a divorce but spouse talked me into a legal separation. I have so much hatred for him now because he was overbearing, manipulating, verbally abusive, taunting, a heavy drinker, downright evil person to myself and our daughter. Our son he didnt have any problems with. I always thought is was going to get better but it only got worse, he verbally abused my daughter so much that she doesn’t have much to do with him now. I just hate when he texts/emails me, my stomach gets so nervous, I will never forget the way we were treated by him. I didn’t ever protect my daughter from him and now I just feel so bad and disgusted with myself. My daughter and I do have a very close relationship, but there was so much I could have done to protect her from all the verbal abuse and I didn’t. I have to learn how to forgive myself for letting this happen to our daughter.

I have to learn how to forgive him but he keeps trying to hurt me through the courts as in filing motions or suing me, he’s upset that I have him divorce papers and he doesn’t stop harassing meI tried to get a restraining order against him and have the locks changed but the judge denied. It’s just so hard to forgive him because he keeps doing and doing to me, Please help me to forgive him. Thank you

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