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My father left me this home to live comfortable until i decide to sell then split the sale with siblings they abused my father before he passed tried to get me sent to prison because they stole the will and trust that I knew nothing about now contesting the irrevocable trust that gave me the house outright if they win the contest it will go back to the revocable trust and the property taxes will go up thousands a year and i feel they will try or will start more crap to get me to sell God put a beautiful Christian lady in my life and we plan to marry but I would not bring her into this family circus that could effect her comfort level of living. My oldest brother 2 week after my dad passed I found out he molested my daughter my step daughter my granddaughter his granddaughter his sons ex wives daughter attempted she was special needs and the smartest just kept screaming now because of the statue of limitations hes going to get away with it yes hes a convicted child molester these girls need justice. I would need to get a part time job just to pay the property taxes and im 66 years old disabled retired.

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