by Noahdiah ()

Heavenly Father I have stolen so I come before you as a confessed Thief.  I know
that you see and know all things so my sins are not hidden from you.  Though I’ve
been a criminal I know that I am still your child and you will not reject me despite of
my wicked ways.  I am not proud of my dishonest deeds and I want you know that
I’m sorry for the things that I have stolen.  It is my desire to seek your righteousness
and Atone for my past sins with righteousness.  Father I’m on my knees, I’m all
alone, I’ve closed my eyes and I’m in my private place praying to you in secret.  You
have promised to hear my prayer if I am obedient!  I believe that you will give me the
very desires of my heart because I trust in you and this is your promise to your
children.  I know that you love me and I love you back with all my heart.
I want to go to Heaven when I die and I would like to make things right between you
and I before my time comes as it does for all sinners. Dear Father have mercy on me
and mine and provide a righteous way for me to go so that I might provide for my
daily needs and the needs of those who depend on me.  It is not my desire to be a
Thief but the circumstances that I have allowed Satan to trap me in has led me to
steal.  Father God I can be stronger and I can do better with you guiding me along my
way.  I surrender my life and times to you from this day forward and intend to never
steal again.  I humbly pray for forgiveness for all of my past thefts and will forgive
those who have stolen from me.  I repent and throw myself on your Mercy and
Grace.  I will confess that you are my Savior to all those who I know to be of
questionable repute like me and invite them to seek you out and your righteousness
so that they also might be saved.  It is my desire to win your favor like Saul did when
he became Paul on the Road To Damascus.  I desire not to be known as a sinner but
as your child.  This is my hope and my prayer in the name of the risen Saviour Jesus

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