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My mother was different from most mom’s, I learned later in life that my mom tied me to the dog leash when I was age 1 through 4. I will not fill in all the details, but When she died, I was the executor of the Will, but there was no mention of me, my wife or our kids, neither was there mention of my sister or her kids. It was as if we did not exist to her. If someone does one thing that hurts you, it is easy to own it and forgive. But a life time of hurt is not so easy. It isn’t that I won’t forgive, It’s just that there is so much I don’t know where to begin. I hold no anger to my mom, just sad she wasn’t able to enjoy her family as I have seen so many other mom’s do. Pray I can let go, even though I don’t know what I am holding onto. Rob

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