Forgive my sins dearlord and help me to come out of my debts

by Vandana (Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, India)

Dear lord, you know me.I have never been faithful to you. you always used to help me. you always make me stand at the top inspite of all my sinful deeds against you. lord, i whole heartedly repent before you dear lord. i am totally lost now, and not knowing where do i stand. please help me to come out of my debts. lord, i vow before you that from now on i will not make any debt. please lord, help me to come out of this situation. i am having sleepless nights lord. my only hope is you since my childhood. you have done extra miracular things in my life that no one can expect. please lord, as a lost child i knee before you. help me lord. help me and bless me to be a help to others from now on

In the name of lord jesus, i pray……Amen