Forgive me and Help me Lord.

by Grace (Philippines)

Lord God you are our saviour God.. forgive me all my trespasses lord god. I know that I have done enough against your well lord and I know that I am your child , I am your Shepperd , I know that you won’t let me down lord god because your love is unmeasurable lord. Forgive me Lord , Forgive me..

Help me god with my financial problem lord. I know that even I wouldn’t tell you , You been already know what I need lord. I am in a very big financial in need at this time lord god the need that I almost lost of hope that I can stand up again.. You said lord that when your child knock and you will open , asked you will give, this time lord not only knock I asked .. I want to surrender everything to you o Lord god. I surrender all my problems and life and soul to o Lord.. Lead me lord , lead me by your guiding hands lord. I can’t almost walk I know you will carry me lord, carry me o lord.. take my hand o lord god , take my hand lord.

My heart is full of heavy load a very heady load.. I almost out of air to breath lord.. Lord Please help me , help me Lord. I need you lord God O I need you o lord. I don’t know what I do I don’t know where to go , I don’t know who I know,, I feel so heavy lord a very very heavy lord.. please lighten me up lord.. help me to stand up again o lord god. I can’t see my smile on my face every time I wake in the morning that my problem is still there I don’t want to wake up anymore.. please lord wake me up lord god, help me to wake up lord.

I know that there’s an end for all of this and there is a purpose for all of this and I know lord you can’t survive to see your child like this lord. It seems that I am candle that melting down and almost stop the fire to light ..

Lord I love you and I believe in you O Lord God.. I believe that there is a rainbow after the rain lord…

I love you lord I love you lord..


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