Forgive Him

by Shirley ()

Jesus I am at the end of my pain if some way I could break through to you lord if you can just release this imaginary pain that I’m enduring somewhere in my heart I hold on to faith somewhere in my heart I pray for the impossible somewhere in my heart I hope for a miracle lord I know that we can’t force a prayer I know that you will make a way I just pray this ache away I’m so num inside I’m stuck in my own heart I just want a miracle to break through that some way some how you do this impossible for the man that I love Jesus there’s no doubt that this man is not for me I love him and I know that I can not love another the way that I love him and in my heart and soul I know that he loves me in return please Jesus don’t take him away please let it still be hope that he will come home please lord he needs you I believe him that he will get himself right this time please let him show you lord give him that chance to prove it to you him his kids and me I need him lord please unbreak this pain I’m hurting so much your the only one father god that can make anything possible I’m not excusing him for his wrong doings but the sacrificed he’s made just to move me and my daughter to a 2bedroom proves that he will go to the end of the world for me so please don’t punish him for that lord please let him confess to you so he could know that you know that he has no more lifelongs left please Jesus Christ this is my cry to you please take it in I’m in desperate need of healing this pain in my heart I will do anything lord I will kiss the sidewalks outside I will jump up for joy I will be so happy at work and be sweet to everyone please Jesus please I don’t know where else to turn I know that I could give up and needs to give up but my heart will not let me my hearts goes on please Jesus let him show you please free him Jesus please do this impossible show me please I ask of you please hear me read me feel me please free the love of my life I will pray for him and leave that cross on his forehead maybe that’s what went wrong because that wasn’t done please Jesus Christ I pray that its not too late release your son lord please heavenly father I love you I trust you I need you do the impossible Jesus show me will you?????????????????????

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