For your Divine intervention in my daughter’s life

Father in heaven, and Lord Jesus my Savior, my whole heart cries out to you. I am broken and in pain over the alcohol abuse of my daughter and her turning her back on You and the faith we tried to instill in her. She is in grave trouble. Please, I beg you, soften her heart to turn back to You and accept You into her life.

Heal any wounds she has and take away any longings she has for alcohol. Make her longings be deep for You. Always continue to show her Your love and please give us the strength and knowledge to help her in whatever way You know is best. You know her so much better than we do, Lord. Help me to trust in You and remain faithful however long it takes. Holy Mother Mary and all the angels and saints, I am begging you to pray to Our Father and Our Lord Jesus for my daughter to return her safely to embrace the Lord.

Holy Spirit go to her now and never let up until she has turned her heart and soul and entire being back to the Father who loves her so much.
I ask all of this in the name of Your Son,Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

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