For u my little brother

Dear lord as you are my savior, I am asking to forgive my little brother, as he did not know, what is said now to help him through this trial, and difficult time, as u r our lord our god, please help him, my family and others who are in sorrow, my there be peace and forgiveness amongst one another. As u my lord jesus christ, know our every move, see our everymove, who know us inside and out. He never ment to do no harm,nor hurt someone, or even think anything bad to another, nor harm a fly. He is a innocent young man, who made a few wrong choices as we all know that we are not perfect. Please keep our guardian angels around him and keep evil away from him. and please open up his gates to freedom..PLEASE DEAR LORD HEAR OUR PRAYER,LIFT UP OUR HEARTS WHO ARE IN YOUR FAVOR AND OUR PRAYERS!

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