for truth and justice

by Truth (US)

Please lord hear my prayer for truth and justice to prevail and set my husband free. Lord I ask you to call out to his children to call out their names in the night and fill their hearts with your truth. Oh mighty father let the walls of lies they have built around them shatter like glass in Jesus name. Wrap your cloak of truth over my husband and protect him in his time of need. Bless him in his trial. Let no weapons in the form of lies fly against him. God give him the words your words when he needs to speak so that your truth will pierce the veil of lies and let the liars be caught in their own wicked traps they set to defame my husbands honor and have him jailed. Have mercy on his children for they are young and do not know you. Have mercy on all of our souls so we may know your glory and shout to the heavens for all to hear and know your holy truth and let your holy spirit fill us like the Earth with water in the time of Noah Lord hear my prayer Oh heavenly father Amen!

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