For the removal of our Financial debt & job

by Harry (Malaysia)

I need everyone pray for me,because I’m in a deep difficulty on my debts.I seek a God bless so I can get thru this problem and give me a strength to face all the financial problem am facing right now.

Some time I felt wanna end my life right now,but am still thinking God is good and all I need a prayer from everyone.All I need now is God will grain is bless to me .I need cash amount of $75,000 right now.Please bring me in your prayer so I will have a blessed from our mighty God father in heaven & for those who praying I believe Our father God in Heaven will blessed you and you family abundantly thru the years.
( pls give me six digit number for me to try in lucky number contest and I really hope I can win this sporttoto 6D game so I can pay of my debts)
Thank you and God Bless you all..Amen
Email:[email protected] ( for replying me the 6Digit which I requested)

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