For the protection from an evil women, her black magic and all evil and negative energies.

by Yash Raj ()

Thank you lord. i pray for the protection of me, my brother harsh raj, my cousin brothers vaibhav, ayush and my cousin sisters ananya, shreya and my mausi (mother’s sister) Shavita kumari( nikname guriya) and my mausa( mother ‘s sister’s husband) Ajay Kumar, and my mama (mother’s brother) Deepak (Mithlesh Jaiswal) and Mami (Mother’s brother’s wife) Kiran Devi and My nana(mother’s father) Tarkeshwar Lal Jaiswal and my nani (mother’s mother) Shanti devi.

Please protect us all from black magic, evil eye, evil women/men who do black magic or curse others or caste spell on others.

Protect us from all misfortunes, diseases, death disease, pain diseases and all kinds of diseases and also from that old renter of my house who used to do black magic through eyes and kill my father and mother. There was renter in my house whose wife was an evil women and she makes everyone feel pain, cursed and bad luck through her evil eyes and her curse and her jealous.

i m till now being disturbed my that woman and her name and her face and her thoughts as my mind only think about that time and thoughts related to that time. I cannot stop my mind. It looks like she has done black magic on me and my family to think about her and experience bad things.

I pray to saint juda for protection from that evil women and all her black magic and curse and evil and negative things. I pray st juda to make that evil women helpless, powerless and punish her and put her in hell for what she has done and destroy all her powers so that she cant be able to hurt me and my family anymore.

I humbly pray fo the protection of everything of me and my family from her .


In jesus name Amen.

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