For the man I love to be telling me the truth that he’s in love with me and has the courage to love me fully forever and marry me like he says he wants to when he’s ready

by Mary (New York, USA)

My Prayer request is that the man I love second to Jesus Christ loves me as much as I love him and is not afraid to tell anyone and stop hiding his feelings. He has hurt me so many times I am loosing my mind. I turned to Jesus for comfort and found it and then he came back into my life claiming he was in love with me again and wanted to spend his life with me. We have many challenges that will take strength and Gods love to overcome but I love him so much my chest physically hurts and I want no other love if I cant have his except Gods. Please pray that the love he says he has for me is real and not a not a lie. Please help me to except Gods will for this situation and keep my heart from shattering into pieces. I excepted I wouldnt have love on this earth and made peace with it but then he showed me a different side of him that was so loving and beautiful no matter how I tried I couldnt stop myself from loving his this much. Please please pray for his heart to fully love me and for him to learn how to be selfless and loving to me and to the people that truly love him. I pray for Jesus.s mother Mary to intercede to her son for me and plead my request for love and a happy life with this beautiful soul I love so much. Thank you