For the LORD to bless me financially

by Vonnita (Cleveland Ohio)


You know that I have been waiting months for you to bless me with the amount of money that I have been asking for. LORD, you are my only source of hope, and the final decision for me to be blessed financially is totally up to you. LORD, in the name of JESUS please look upon my prayer request, and grant me my hearts desires IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN…

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  1. Alwyn sunil crasta says:
    Money problem

    Pls help me Jesus. I am lost my business more than 5lakhs,now no way to fill the almost 3lakhs bank loan and 2 lakhs other,pls help me Jesus ,iam wait for ur answer.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Bless Me Lord!

    Lord in the name of Jesus please bless me to be able to pay my bills this month. Fix it Lord, I know you will! You have already blessed me with a job and I know you will get me thru until I start the job. Thanking you right now for the things you have already done and the things you are yet to do. Amen and thank God!

  3. Anonymous says:
    saving my home

    lord i have been praying for months for a financial blessing to save my home. i was disabled in 2007 with a blood clot. and since then a fixed income does not help. i am so so far behind that the court decided they will take my home in 10 days. i went from owing 150,000 to double with late charges, their lawyer fees, i am so at the end, i even think about taking my life. please lord pray i get thefinancial help i need. in gods name AMEN

  4. D.T. says:
    Financial Problems

    Lord, I know you have so many requests to fulfill. I may be at the bottom and it doesn’t even matter anymore. I have lost what I was praying so to keep. So, I pray for others. Don’t let them feel the pain I feel. Don’t let them feel the shame I feel. Don’t let them see the hurt on their loved ones faces. Bless them Father. Give them what I didn’t get. Thank you Father!

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