For the courts to not see me as fraudulent

I live with someone whom I purchased a house with years ago they want to file bankruptcy for credit card debits, while I am killing myself by working all the time to try to pay of my debts and recently repurchased my house to remove the gentleman I live with name off of the deed, so the house or me would not be involved with his bankruptcy.

When he files bankruptcy a attorney advised me they may try to come after me for his $12,000 equity which I took on over $16,000 of his debt when I refinanced do to the lean on the house. I pray the courts will not see this as fraudulent but me trying to keep my house for my two children and me to live in. I pray some day I will able to ask him to leave and afford everything on my own, with just my children me living there. They said I could avoid if I put him back on the deed which I do not want to do this. I originally paid the closing cost when we purchased this house he came with nothing to the table.

I pray God will show me favor when he files and the courts will not come after me for that little equity.

Thank you for your prayers, from York, PA

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