For the American people

by Joh ()

Amightly God, we the people have sinned in your eyes by what we have done and what we have allowed. By tolerating certain acts that in your ward made clear that you do not allow. Yet we have those amongst us that have embraced such a lifestyles and demand that we accepted it as well some do and some don’t
We have foreigners who are from nations that are hostile to us and have done many acts of crimes in our lands but are beings protected by our politicians whose actions are of evil people.
We have companies that profit by murdering unborn children. We have those that have piercings and tattoos done to them and say it doesn’t offend you but it does we made in your image and those that deface it will have to answer for themselves. We have those that do sexual immoralitiies that you have made known to be sinful and that go against your design that you made in us. We have been prideful and full of ourselves plus in our arrogance we have be blinded by what you have given us all.
We have become gluttons of food and other resouces. Craving for more when we should have been more thankful for what you have given us all.
From having whores to drunkards. Lazy people who live on the government dime We have problems that have slowly gotten ripen to a mess. We have allowed so much to influnce us that it has in some cases destroy the family traditional values.
In The name of Jesus Christ Please Heavenly Father do some thing about the problems that have plaguing this country for we have done evil against the your laws that had made for us. Please forgive us for the many sins that we done in your sight and we justly deserve your punishments.
Forgive us. Hear our prayers.

Almight God watch over the nation in these trying times and watch over the President Trump. There are those that have made evil and wicked plans. Undo them and turn them on those who dare. Please do what is according to thy will. On earth and heaven. Amen

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