For strength and savior

by Stephanie (Brooklyn , Newyork)

Lord i know im far from perfect and ive done some unholy things in my life

I ask for your forgiveness and strength to help me live life the right way , your way.
You are a very powerful God and i have all faith in you that your
Powerful blessings will heal , give me strength , protect me from evil ,
And guide me to the right path.
Im in a part of my life that im close to giving up . I pray for a miracle , your miracle , a blessing.
I know in my heart you havent given up on me and im thankful more than anything.
Lord i need you to be my savior And cleanse my soul and Spirit and bring out the great thing in me.
I need to be saved .
Lord i need you more than anything. It hurts me to feel like i have no purpose.
Lord i need healing , healing of my illness and healing to help breed your angels youll bring us oneday , i dont want to feel like i cant concieve. It tares me apart.

Please lord come within me and take over my life , body , soul and spirit.

Thank you for listening to me

In jesus name , Amen

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