For Strength and Courage and Protect from Evil spirits and People like Evil Minded

by Singaram Vasudevarao` (Hyderabad ,TS,India)

Lord please give your son complete health and courage right now please safe guard us,from every bad evil spirits and people who are like,lord God Savior your son is in need of you,the women been in my life have created trouble to our family,only because of her selfish ness,and for evil minded thoughts we are suffered a lot and still we are in depress and in distress and very much in deep sorrow,lord please kindly help us.i don’t even want to take her name and her supporters,you know every thing my father,you have to give answer to those who have unnecessarily have used our good ness and played a baldy and dirty game on name of marriage,please lord from bottom of my heart i beg you please save us,we are in so much in need of you. MY LORD KINDLY SHOWER YOUR BLESSINGS ON YOUR SON AND ON MY FAMILY RIGHT NOW PLEASE,YOU HAVE TO I ACCEPT YOU AS MY LORD PLEASE WE ARE AWAITING OF YOUR MIRACLE IN OUR LIVES DESTROYING THE WOMEN TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY MADE US VERY MUCH CRIED WHAT WE HAVE NOT DONE WE BEEN PUNISHED AND MADE US INSULTED WITH ALL HER WRONG ALLEGATION WHICH ARE NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE,KINDLY MY LORD RIGHT NOW GIVE HER A WONDER FULL ANSWER WHAT SHE AS DONE FOR US,PLEASE I BEG YOU I BEG YOU SON MUCH MY LORD THE DEVIL IS LAUGHING ON US AND FEELING VERY MUCH HAPPY AND HER FAMILY MEMBERS ARE ALSO,PLEASE LORD YOU HAVE TO SOME THING THEY SHOULD REALIZE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US,RIGHT NOW IT IS AN URGENT NEED,PLEASE ACCEPT IT.