for someone I love in my life

by Jazmin (California San Diego)

I pray alot i know god hears me and knows what im going through and i believe in god and i trust him i have faith and im very positive I want god to help the guy I love with his health problems of his heart and that everything goes well with him and his condition also for him to be positive and think about good things also that his appointment tomatoes goes well to that the doctors say positive things nothing bad but just good things and that if they can help him out so he gets better also for him to understand me and my words i want him to return in my life I’m suffering I truly love this guy he’s my ture love i never had and I’m here for him i always have been i dont want to be with nobody else i don’t want to lose i want to spend my whole life with him forever he the only one that can truly make my heart shine i Love u Antonio Philip Serna hope everything goes good with u tomorrow

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