For selling a property out of the US.. It was left to 4 sisters by our father,

by Rosa (West Palm Bch, Fl)

Dear almighty God, I ask in your holly name to please intercede in freeing this property for sale, touch the heart of the people that are holding this property and profiting illegally from it, Lord you know how our father worked so hard to leave an inheritance to his daughters the rightful owners, this sale will let my father rest in peace and will help two sisters finantially and one to continue with cancer treatment..

I am also praying for the lawyer who is handeling the transactions and for the ones that are impending the sale.
I love you Lord and I thank you for the experience in waiting for this sale it has taken more than 25 years, is in your mighty hands and in your divine time, not ours, we have received the lesson to be calm and wait on You.
The power and the Glory is for you,
In Jesus name I pray, Amen!