for restoring the relationship of me and my girlfriend


lord jesus, i come before you to pray for my girlfriend. please restore my relationship with my girlfriend. we both love each other but she is too rich and i’m not of her status. her parents told her to leave me and so she is going far from me. i dont have any hope and i dont know what to do. i need your helping hand for me to please convince her and her family to give me some time to earn that much money. please lord jesus, i beg your mercy and i really need your mercy. i love her truely that i’ll do hard work to earn that much money and give her happiness . i seek her lord jesus. she is going too far from me for ever. please i beg you jesus. i need you jesus to grant me my love . i ask in the name of jesus to please open the doors for communication, please tell her to contact me again, please put our love life again on track and move the mountains which r seperating us. please tell her to never leave me alone and be my life. please lord jesus, help me convince her family to give me time to earn money and please tell her to contact me again. lord jesus i know only you can do this for me. i’m your child and i ask for your mercy.

i believe my father in heaven will help me and grant me my love. please lord jesus i seek you, i ask u and i need you for my love. i pray to you lord jesus to please convince her to not go and trust in my abilities that i will earn the money and her parents will not be angry on her. lord jesus please help me.

i trust that lord jesus will help me. amen

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