For protection of my family from my evil doings

by Ll ()

Holy Spirit I fail everytime to forgive and forget, I fail to let go of grudges I carry baggage over the years that our not my spouses fault I expect too much of him and expect him to be the sister, the friend the mother, the brother the friend that has left my side, but most of all I expect him to love me and pay attention to me, including me in his life. He was an only child secluded from the world and he has no knowledge of simple daily things that are done or to be done in life and doesnt know how to express himself. His parents have passed away and our 3 yr old son and I are all he has as the family (aunts and cousins) he has dont bother to keep in touch with him. I cant seem to understand him and being the fast paced person I am he is not able to cope up and my fury blows the top of our house and the violence on my part has gone overboard. In these past 9 yrs I have lost count of the times he has left home for days roaming the streets and we do not live in a safe city/country. But my anger takes over me time and again and gets out of control, leading him to walk out time and again. I beg for the protection of my spouse and child and ask that I be healed by the Most Precious Blood of Christ so that I can firstly be a child of God and I know once I do all my problems will be in His control and He will look after my family and me. Please I ask all reading this pray along with me for my intentions and pray that I am persistent in praying for healing myself.

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