For my unborn not to be taken away from me by the social workers

Dear lord you gave me a vision 4yrs ago about me having a son that will wipe away my tears… Now the social worker wants to take him away from me as soon as he’s born. Please God you didn’t give him to me just to have him taken away from me. I don’t know what else to do other than to ask for mercy and your help. Please lord let my son remain with me and my family. My heart knows no peace or happiness it only knows sadness and sorrow. But I will trust in you and your unfailing mercy please God I’ll do anything just to have my son with me and my family. Please God I don’t need riches power health or fame my heart desire is for my son to be with his sisters myself and grandma his families who deeply yawn for him. Please Lord answer our prayers and come to my rescue. Amen

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