For my son, Help him Lord

It has bee 18 mo since your stage 4 diagnosis of malignant melanoma. You have been thru so many procedures and so many healing prayers had been offered for you they were answered and you had 3 clear scans it the 4th is showing problems so Wednesday yo are scheduled for biopsies again. Your cancer is considered to be the most virilent and aggressive and stage 4 deadly You even moved yor suegeom to tears as he explained your chances were slim.

As yor mom in the past I have prayed daily that you would find a personal relationship with Christ no matter what it would take, well God’s ways are truly mysterious and he is in control not the cancer. I feel weak in that I’m having extreme bouts of fear over this and need to surrender this to the Lord. Praying for strength for family to deal with whatever the future has in store. Please peace be with my son and his family