for my son and future daughter in law preparing for their wedding and their lives together

by Yvonne (Harlingen Texas Usa)

Sacred heart of jesus, help my son omar with his job. ,that his bosses and co-workersrespect him, protect him, be kind to him. Help him with his weight, help him lose weight . Stay healthy. Keepall evil away from him, his job, his car, his home, his loved ones. Help him spritually,emotionally, physically, financially. Help his fiacee kat. Help her job, that her bosses and coworkers respect her, be kind to her. Keep all evil away from her,from her home, family and friends. Pets. From her car, job..that their wedding day be filled with your presence. Full of love, joy. Allow me to be healthy, feel I can attend the wedding. Please Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please dont allow richard to prevent me from attending my sons wedding. Take all of richards anger,hatred,hostility,depression,animosity envy from my son omar. Make richard show omar respect,friendship, some form of forgiveness. Sacred heart of jesus christ i trust in you. Sacred heart of jesus i believe in you. Sacred heart of jesus hear my prayers, sacred heart of jesus hear my prayers.. please help my family forgive me, forgive eachother. That they all return to the catholic church. To you jesus christ. Help them in their needs. Help omar and kat love eachother, forgive eachother. Be there for eachother, trusteachother,respect eachother. Make eachother happy.encourage . Sacred heart of jesus. Keep them from all debt. Help them emotionally, spritually, financially, help me find an outfit for the weddin and at least 2 pants and few blouses.sacred heart of jesus hear my prayers, suplications. That my son and kat become involved with the catholic church ,the holy rosary. Give me strength. That the new drs we are seeing on the 2nd be able to’help us. Give richard faith, thank you AMEN

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