For my own home

by Angela EustaceAngela ()

I am living in a room 15 years now, I am 67 years. As a single mom, I worked hard all these years took care of 3 daughters they are now grown. Have not had a vacation in 36 years, just saving to get my own home. I pray every day not to die in that room. I found two condos for purchase they are just what I am looking for simple in a nice neighborhood. I so want my own kitchen and bathroom just that stillness of having my own home would make feel 100 percent better. I saw two condos one is smaller with lots of light in the front the other one is bigger in the back with not much light, the area is quiet just a beautiful neighbour and the right price is affordable for me, however I am at a standstill because I have never a owned any property before. I need guidance and have no one to explain certain information about the price, how can I get the realtor to drop the price a little and other questions in order not to get cheated in anyway. I am excited but feel alittle scared in side. I got up this morning and this thought just came to mind if I don’t get this place I might just commit suicide (was just a quick thought and I had to shake it offso I got up and began praying more) I want my own home so much where I do not have to clean the bathroom every day and each time I use it, I can cook a meal in peace to come into my own home with out other people looking into my face to feel that peace when I am home just those little things will make me feel 100 % better inside. Please pray for me to make the right decision when I choose one of those condos, also for the bank paperwork to be processed without any problems. One of my daughter’s she owns her home, she would not explained little questions I am asking her just to get clarification, I am not dumb, she wants me to rent an apartment then look for my own home. I dont have that kind of money to be running back and forth. I have not have a vacation in 34 years. I want to take a vacation, my dreams is learn to swim, play golf and enjoy tha balance of my days that God will grant me day by day. Pray for me to get someone who is honest to just assist me to understand as I go through this process.
I thank and appreciate you pray for me to understand the paperwork process. Please PRAY FOR ME TO UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS TO GET MY OWN HOME IT IS A STRUGGLE AND I AM A GOOD, HUMAN BEING, I DO NOT WANT TO STRUGGLE ANYMORE. Thank you God for answered prayers.

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