for my love to come back

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I pray that my home will be protected and myself and my child in it and that please guide me in the right direction GOD that I am able to move to a safe stable housing thats beneficial for my child and I. I asked and after I asked I found two places but over 2 hours away and then today after a year my apartment not fixing anything they finally fix my door and say will bring a new fridge after it went out for the idk how many time. Im stressed i dont want keep moving but also my neighbors downstairs so demonic will bang on the ceiling which is our floor when we walk then have the nerve to blast music banging our ceiling morning noon and night and loud sex it driving me crazy im celibate i dont want hear it idk this entire time my lust was because as i was sleeping their perversion was attacking me when i realized they got louder and then start withthe banging the cieling my apt wont help told me call the police and they did nothing exceot make the tenants feel bold and unstoppable. I feel so hurt here rents due today and i dont want to pay i want to just leave before the 10 of may to avoid eviction but tell them kiss my behind for the rent because ive been depressed and restless this whole time it making me gain weight and hairloss lack of sleep losing overtime at work and distracting me during work raise blood pressure and frighten me my child however is alot stronger than me for only 4 years old when they do it she just yells stop it demons or she stomps her foot in response. im 300 lbs they dont do it when i walk but they do it when a 40 lb kid is walking thats insane i asked nicely can they stop they were rude tried to make fun of how i walk told me to displine my child and then slammed the door in my face, i hate them i tried to be nice but i really hate them i want them evicted now! but then i thought i rather just move they can keep this hell hole and i go and create a better future somewhere else for us without negativy i found a low income apartment that has upscale atmosphere and is newly build and the rents about $320 less than what im paying here plus they have an afterschool so my daughter can have friends in our complex and i can meet other parents withthe single parent network they have currrently 3 yrs going on in our apt and she has no friends and neither do i the people arent friendly nor the kids. a child told her while playing he loved her when they were 2 and the parent got upset at him for saying it i think they are racist the next time they played the child made fun of her asking her wheres her dad he wasnt like that before. nonetheless just want a better life a new start and im thinking its time to just move on and not be decieved that them wanting to make the repairs the day that i decided to move on and was going to set arrangements to ride with someone i met online through craigslsit rideshare to checkout the apartments is just a distraction but then i thought its dangerous for me to go 2.5 hrs with a stranger and move somewhere i dont know maybe it a sign to stay where i am. i just dont know but i just want peace joy clarity and to be happy with our lifes and i feel staying here even when things get fixed and the tenants move out i wont be happy because the negative energy and thought of all the agony and time it took will just anger and frustrate me. I pray for deliverance form demonic attacks and for a meaningful life where we can be happy in a home thats nuturing and will get us to the next phase of our life journey.

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