For my Husband to return to me

Dear Lord,

It is with my selfish heart that I ask for my Husband find it in his troubled heart to forgive me, have patience in me and return to me. In doing so, I will, with Your guidance and love, be a better wife to him, a better mother to his son and a better person to my family and his.
Please calm his bitter heart to feel love, not just my love, but Your love as well. Help me to restrain from anger when my selfish needs have not been met. Help my husband find his path back to me and heal our home from all anger and suffering and help restore love, peace and respect.
Lord, one year ago today, we vowed to be husband and wife in your home, we both did not value those vows by speaking ill to each other and allowing small problems create enormous sufferings. I pray to You to help heal our hearts and allow my husband to love me freely and for me to be forgiven so that I can love even more, especially with You as my guide.
Please, Lord, bring my husband back to me.

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