For my home

by Jennifer ()

My dad and bonus mom moved to Horse Cave, KY last year after he retired to be closer to us. It’s still about 2 hours away. There is this beautiful home that is a block away from my parents home and it is empty and from what we been told has been for quite some time. From thr first time I laid my eyes on it, I knew this was the forever I have always dreamed about. It’s not for sale or rent as of now but I want to try to reach out to whoever owns it and see if they would rent/slae it. I have 4 children still at home and my dad is the only grandpa they have ever had bit we have lived so far away. I want to be closer to my dad, family is important and life is to short to waste any time. I lost my grandpa(my dad’s dad) when I was 13, but I have memories of him to last a lifetime. I always tell my kids that’s what life is about, not material things but making memories with family to last a lifetime. My boys really need a positive role model in their life to teach them how to be a proper young man. As a mom I can only do as much as I can to teach them but having my a male role model and a grandpa in their lives every day would be a tremendous blessing too. I can’t stop thinking about this home. It is everything I ever dreamed my forever home to be. It’s beautiful and spacious. More than anything I want it to be more than a dream, I want it to become our reality. I am really trying hard to better my life for me and my family. I think I found the owners information online and I am planning on writing a letter and sending it to them and pray they respond and are willing to work with me so I can afford to either buy it or rent it. I don’t even need them to fix anything, I would move in tomorrow as is if I could because together me and my parents and my boys can fix anything that needs done. That would be a perfect time foe my dad and boys to bond and also for them to learn from my dad how to fix things at the same time. I couldn’t imagine really living in a home that I thought would only always be a dream. I have never wanted(and need) something so bad. My current living situation isn’t the best and is also another thing I have been trying to change too, so not only would my dream come true and we get our forever home but at the same time I get away from the situation I currently live in. I have been working hard at making our life better. God has blessed me with an amazing job as well. I know I can’t get this home by myself so I am asking for prayers that God will make a way for me to get in touch with the owners and that he will touch the hearts and open their eyes to see how much we need that home. It’s been empty for sometime so I want them to understand how important it is for me to be close to my parents and see the loving touch I would put into making this my family’s forever happy home. A home we can call our own and start making many many more happy memories to last them their lifetime. And pray that they will work with me and make it something I can afford as well. I know God can open the hearts of the owners and make them see that my family is the perfect fit for this home. Thank you for your time and for helping pray. I know God hears our prayers so let’s all pray together so he hears us and answers our prayers. Getting this home would be an answer to many prayers and is exactly the fresh start I need for my family. Thank you again. Thank you God for answering our prayers. I claim this home in the precious name of Jesus. What a wonderful holiday season it would be to be able to move in and be close to my parents and make so many memories to last our lifetime!!! I want to start off right, I want ro find a church close to the new home and get my children involved in the church and start our new life right from the start giving God all the glory and getting my life back on track and right with God. Thank you again and again. God bless y’all!!!

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