For my grandmother who sick with throat cancer

Dear Lord i thank you so much for putting my grandmother in my life she raised me and through you we came this far I’m unable to be there with her at this time and I ask in ur Holy Name Jesus that if its ur will to take her to be with you will let her know that I really truly love her and it would have meant the world to me to see her before she passed but if you’re not ready for her like Jesus I pray that you will heal her body from the inside out and make her new again I know all things are possible through you and only you Jesus and I know you make no mistakes I think you for being in our lives and for bringing us this long way if it wasn’t for you there will be no life there would be no way I love you Lord and I think you so much for your blessings and for being the head of my life I pray that you would touch my grandmother and let her know I love her dearly and never will I forget about her are you putting her in my life I pray in Jesus name amen.