For my friends and family

by Marissa ()

I would like to request prayer for my brother Titus and his girlfried they also have a child together a little boy. I pray that their relationship be restored and that the will of God be done in their lives. I pray for healing for my brothers health. I pray for restoration by the time Christmas comes.

2. I request prayer for Janell and her husband that the Lords will be done in their marriage. That God grant Janell’s hearts desires.

3. for my friends at Shepherd’s Door Portland Rescue Misison. That they all have good Holidays and that they make it through without to many triggers.

4. Maria that she and her daughter Sadie to be reunited and the hand of God continue to grow strongly in their lives for her and her daughters. For her daughter Miranda that God help her to express her feelings in healthy possitive ways.

5. For my Cousin Dorothy who I look up to as a big sister. I pray that God restores her health and that every financial need be met. That she as a single mother get the strength from Jesus to continue to work and be there for her children as well.

6. I pray for my own Parents Foster and J’Dean that their financial needs also be met. That the Kindness of God and the Love of God overflow in their lives. That they continue to serve the Lord whole heartedly. that they slow down for each other to enjoy life together.

7. For my brother John I am praying that God restore his belief in God. That God have people around him that can share Salvation with him. That God give him a receiving heart. That his family will be taken care of health wise financially, and spiritually.

8. For the many Family members who are addicted to alcohol and drugs that God make a way for them to choose Him. That they repent and turn to God.

9. For My aunt Tina Augular’s back pain that Jesus heal her back. That God continue to grow the church that Easton and her have helped put together it’s called Shikinah Glory.

10. For our Warm Springs Indian Reservation that all her will soon know who God really is. that they may know him for his grace, mercy, kindness, and that he is a compassionate God. I think many here truly don’t know God that way.

11. I pray healing within my children; Austin, Keilani, Tashawnee, Marcell, and KeithIII. 3 of them have learning disabilities and one is labeled with minor retardation. They all suffer from PTSD because of the past horrible Domestic relationship I was in.

12. Pray for Salvation for the Children’s Father Keith as he continues to go down the path he is on. That God will help him to do what it is he needs to so he can at least talk to his children.

13. For the Victims of Crime of Warm Springs. That God just use this place to continue the wonderous works they are doing within it.

14. For myself that I will continue to grow strong in the Lord.

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