For my father to change his attitude

by Luningning (Dubai UAED)

I want to pray for my father, ever since I was a child have noticed growing up that he his giving problem to the family, he has a lot of pride to himself, , to much anger on his heart and easily get angry even with small stuff.
My mom died he was not able to make my mom happy.he gives a lot of sadness to my mom.
I wish to pray and that god would hear me. I am working abroad and he don’t care about my earnings instead spent it to his cockfighting hubby.
He loves more of his roasters, feed more on his animals and spent the money on them than spending it to human. He his giving to much problem to my sister now who is taking care of him. Pls. help me to pray for my dad I want him to change his attitude before it is to late for him. We love him and we want him to be in heaven with my mom if the time will come for him.
I want him to change his attitude to be a good father and a good person in general. And I ask this in the name of our lord jesus Christ amen.