For my daughter

by M (California)

Please Lord Jesus,

I stand before you begging with all my might. Please help my daughter get away and stay away from her abusive boyfriend. I fear he’s going to hurt us all more and maybe worse. I fear for her life. Her freedom. He’s a tormented soul on this earth with many many emotional wounds and scars. I pray non stop that he’ll just go away from her and find his peace also. Please help her become strong and stay away from him. He’s not been coming around but he’s starting to talk to her and I feel she’s becoming weak and will go back to him. My greatest fear is he’ll kill her or us all. Please God I beg you. Please keep them apart. Please keep my daughter alive/safe I’m here to live my life serving you and being the best person I can be. Thank you for listening God…I love you, in Jesus name amen.

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