For my daughter & her 3 & 5 year old girls

by Annie (North Carolina)

Oh dearest Father, please smooth the path for my daughter starting the child support process as she has not been receiving any help from the children’s father, and she is in rough shape. We have helped all we can, Lord. We come to you, asking that the procedure goes smoothly, that there are no violent nor evil repercussions from her starting the process, and that she and these little ones are cared for in the way You would have them be.

Bless her with courage, strength and determination for her children’s care. Help her, oh Lord, to be safe. Bless the CSE case worker to be determined, effective and fast. Lord, please bless that this can be accomplished by January 15, 2015 so he cannot take the income tax refund. She works hard, takes good care of her girls, and loves them with all her heart.

Blessings be upon this process; Your hand alone can bring it to pass.

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