by ÀDã¹nfã« (Ijebu, Ogun, Nigeria)

Oh God, the great and most assuring comforter!

Hear me today as I pray for my darling, Olumide.
Fill him, my love, with joy divine.
Bless him richly.
Grant him, always, the grace to love me truly and give him happy reasons to always thank you for having me.
Make me an unending source of joy to him.
Love him as much as you love Abraham for him to love me truly in turn.
Grant him peace of heart, body & soul.
Take away from him negativities of life.
Make his enemies bow in shame at his feet.
Grant unto him all that he needs to be the best lover, friend, husband, companion, father and and role model to me & our children.
Above all, grant him divinely true wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
God, do unto me too just as I have prayed for my darling so that we’ll both live happily in matrimony till death do us part.
Thank you God for granting my prayers.

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