For my cousin with brain cancer and my mental illness

by cindy ()

My cousin Dennis just found out 2 days ago he has brain cancer. The doctors have gave him 12 months to live, but they must not know the power of our LORD!!! Then I have major depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I was put on medication about 3 years ago and my life has been the same since! It’s like I have blackout day’s where I don’t remember Nothing!!! But my love one’s do 😪😔😪😔 When my memory comes back my bedroom is always a wreck!!! And everytime except 1 time I’ve hurt myself. And not on purpose cuz I don’t remember NOTHING!!! The worst I’ve ever had happen was I fall down the stairs and when I came back up, I hit my right big toe on the corner of the wall and broke it!!! I couldn’t even walk no more, but that’s not the bad part. I’m in the hospital for like 3 days, I keep telling them my toe and stomach hurts (they have me there because of my mental illness they think I’m making up that I fall) so finally they do an ultrasound on my belly and next thing you know I’m in ICU!! They said I have blood in my belly, but they don’t know where it’s coming from so they are going to wait to do surgery. About 2 hours later my nurse was sitting on the bed beside me and leaned accidentally on my belly (which was swollen some) and I swear on my life it was the worse pain I have ever felt!!! (Worse then childbirth and kidney stones I’ve had both) She gave me a pain shot it didn’t work, I just remember screaming, the pain, and the look on that sweet nurse’s face. It wasn’t her fault that the doctors didn’t rush me into surgery. That hospital i believe wronged me, by delaying my ❤ care. Because when I did have surgery my surgeon said I was close to death they had called all my family. I think I might of passed a few times on the table, but God said it’s not my time yet. I mean if it wasn’t for Him how would I have survived them 3 days? Because I’m not healthy I’m on disability I have kidney disease my left kidney is gone, high blood pressure, I’ve had 2 neck surgeries, my gallbladder is gone, I’ve had lower back surgery that’s now messed up that nerve. Anyways after surgery I was put on a ventilator. I also broke my tail bone! I couldn’t sit right for a long time lol. Had a big black eye 2. Basically what happens to me is like this one time I went to get my medicine. I couldn’t remember my phone number to punch in the machine. So the pharmacist was telling me the number, but in my mind I couldn’t understand him. It’s almost like he was talking a different language. A love y’all
I would so appreciate all the prayers y’all can pray. Thank you in advance and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU
p.s. I do understand it’s God’s will to heal my cousin and I will fully accept whatever plans God has for Dennis. But I can still hope and pray for 5a full recovery.

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