For my cousin with brain cancer and my mental illness

by cindy ()

My cousin Dennis just found out 5 months ago he has brain cancer. The doctors have gave him 8 months to live, but they must not know the power of our LORD!!! Then I have major depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I was put on medication about 4 years ago and my life has been the same since! It’s like I have blackout day’s (but I’m awake) where I don’t remember Nothing!!! But my love one’s do 😪😔😪😔 When my memory comes back my bedroom is always a wreck!!! And everytime except 1 time I’ve hurt myself. And not on purpose cuz I don’t remember NOTHING!!! A love y’all
I would so appreciate all the prayers y’all can pray. Thank you in advance and GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU
p.s. I do understand it’s God’s will to heal my cousin and I will fully accept whatever plans God has for Dennis. But I can still hope and pray for a full recovery.
* I am hoping to see a new doctor June 4 for me to start coming off my psychology meds. It’s really scary what I’ve been going through, but God has been with me so far He and I know He will see me through to the end!!! I LOVE OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN ❤❤❤❤

P.S. The doctors have found more tumors in my cousins brain, but his health insurance company won’t pay for the surgery in San Francisco. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD TO SEND A MIRACLE TO MY COUSIN. I also just found out he is still working!!! He’s trying to live long enough to get his retirement. So his wife never has to worry about money or a job for the rest of her life! Is that not true love or what? And he does have incredible pain, but by the grace of God he bears the pain. He so deserves to live

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