For my children

by Rachel (Perth/ Australia)

Dear St Jude, I am begging you to pray for my family, we are struggling financially while we have six children to take care of. My husband’s job is ending soon as the project is finished and I’m a part time care but these days I’m not getting enough shifts; I’m also a 2nd year student going back to university soon. I need you to pray for me so I can be more organised this year, get good shifts from work so that I can do all my duties without stressing myself or those around me. Please pray for my application that I put for Public Transport department, so I can work on my own time and for my Husband to find a better job.

please pray for our son who is looking for work in Petroleum Engineering as with his Diplomat from TAFE he is able to do a good job then can continue his university studies without stressing a lot; from this job he will be able to pay for his expenses, rents and help the family in somehow.

St Jude, our daughter also has got an Advance diplomat in Civil Engineering, is at University and has been looking for work in this field but never even been contacted for an interview; please pray for theme St Jude, this is a desperate case for my children to find better way of supporting each other and the family

Please St Jude pray for our other daughter who suffers every month from very heavy and painful periods in a way that sometimes she even end up in the hospital, please pray and bring her an eternal healing. She has also been struggling to find a job. I’m also begging you to pray for my twins boys who, one is very busy with his school work and work few hours a week and the other one doesn’t have a job and not as busy as his twin but having difficulties to do what he is asked to do. Please help him find a job too and concentrate on spiritual life. Please pray also for my youngest one that has got breathing problem (cannot use his nose to breath), this causes his eating problem; pray also for their cousin that is always in prison that he get transformed. St Jude all these are desperate cases that we have been praying for but haven’t got all the answers, so please St Jude pray for us so we can live a new life.

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  1. Faith

    Good morning Rachel

    My prayers are with you and your

    Family please go to church each

    Sundsy the lord needs you also

    You are a good Mother!

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