For my boyfriend to come back to me

by Lorrine (United Kingdom)

Lord firstly I am sorry for all the wrong thus I have done, lord I cry to you for my boyfriend to come back to me. But most important I pray for him to know you first and worship you. He was my best friend, my future and everything I wanted. I get jealous and I have hurt him by calling him a cheater and worthyless. Please God heal his heart and make him love me again. I wanted a second chance, he is the one I want. He said he is connected to me anymore and he wants to move on from me. Please Lord don’t let him do it, don’t let him break us apart. I love him and I promise to change to be a better girlfriend and to support him making his dream come true. I pray he won’t find any girls on those dating site because I am the one for him and I promise you I will make him happy and I will avoid fighting with him again. Please God make him love me again, make him connected to me again, make him want me again. I pray that everyday I will be always in his mind, I pray that he will come back to me, I pray that the ex who break us apart first will never succeed. I pray for him to love me again. Please Lord don’t let him break this relationship apart…

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